The Lightweight, Easy-Setup, Pickleball Court Stencil

No more battling tape measurers, playing on crooked lines, or waiting for courts. BoundaryAlly allows you to set up a Pickleball court anywhere, in a matter of minutes.

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Pickleball court dimensions

Tentpoles, Repurposed

Every BoundaryAlly set comes with one 7 ft pole, two 15 ft poles, two 10 ft poles, and four connectors that can be assembled into a quarter-court stencil in a matter of minutes.

Now you can spend less time trying to fix your lines and more time working on your third-shot drop.

Because sometimes, you find yourself in a pickle.

We've all been there. Sitting around & waiting for tennis players to finish their game when there's a perfectly good parking lot right next door.

Use BoundaryAlly to easily set up a Pickleball court on a tennis court, sure, but also on a basketball court, parking lot, outside your home, or really any piece of concrete you can find.

Set Up In Three Easy Steps

Setup Fixture

Layout all of the size-labeled tentpoles and connect them into a 22x10 ft fixture with a service box and kitchen.

Mark the Outlines

Using chalk, tape, or rubber boundary markers, mark the corners of the fixture. Add dotted lines if you'd like.

Flip & Repeat

Flip the BoundaryAlly stencil and line the other quadrants of the court repeating steps 1 & 2. And that's it.

Why BoundaryAlly?

Save Time

Lining a Pickleball court from scratch can easily take half an hour. With BoundaryAlly, you'll be done in a matter of minutes.

Easy Cleanup & Storage

Because the backbone of the stencil is tentpoles, when you’re done getting setup, easily collapse the entire fixture and stow it away in a small bag.

BoundaryAlly Bag

Increase precision

Even with a straight edge, marking a 44 ft line is no easy feat. With BoundaryAlly, there's no need. Simply pop open the tentpoles, mark the corners with chalk, and you're off to the races.

Lightweight & Portable

The tentpoles are made out of very lightweight material, PVC, making the whole set easy to carry and throw in your trunk at the end of a game.

BoundaryAlly Tentpoles

Size-Labeled Tentpoles

Easily distinguish the 15 ft pole from the 10 ft pole from the 7 ft pole with our labeling system making the stencil even easier to assemble.

Snug Connectors

With carefully measured connectors, you’ll never be confused during setup. They’ll be no question about it when you’ve assembled your fixture correctly.

BoundaryAlly Connectors


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